Moon Light

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Promised someone the moon?

Surprise them with the original Moon Light, a stunning replica of our moon in the night sky!

Fill dark evenings with light and experience the magic of the beautiful and calming  Moon Lamp. It's a breathtaking addition to any home creating more vibrant feel and catching the attention of your friends.

The amazingly detailed 3D lunar landscape is a true piece of art with a remarkably immersing look.


Wireless and portable

Light up your day anywhere without cables. Moon Light stays on for 6 hours with a single charge.

Ideal Nightlight

Calming yellow light is ideal before sleeping. Change colours with a hidden touch switch.

Perfect Gift
 A perfect gift for someone you care about. 


High-quality 3D printed:

Carefully manufactured to produce the most detailed surface and durable design.



Large:  18 cm

Medium: 15 cm

Small: 10 cm


Change colours and brightness with easy touch controls.


The revolutionary design provides endless design ideas.



Be earth-friendly.
We've joined forces with CarbonClick to neutralise our carbon footprint and plant new forests.

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